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Preparations in Winter - Maintaining Our Commercial Properties

With the cooler season upon us, the growth of plants and turf may have slowed, but for our Commercial Landscape Maintenance teams across Australia, their work definitely hasn’t.

Winter is the perfect time to prepare your landscape gardens for Spring and Summer. When maintaining Commercial and Industrial Business Parks, it is crucial to ensure you have efficient landscape operations to achieve the highest level of presentation possible.

As we know, trimming hedges slows down in the cooler seasons, which makes it the perfect time to focus our landscapers on cutting back native grasses to remove dead foliage, ensuring fresh new garden growth for Spring time .

Grasses aren’t the only thing in the garden that need cutting back. Some trees, like Crepe Myrtles, require a heavy prune to help keep their form when their next flush of new leaves and flowers are brought on. Whilst some trees don’t require as heavy pruning, winter is the perfect opportunity for our landscape maintenance teams to carry out corrective pruning of deciduous trees.

And don’t forget the mulch! The extra time you gain from less frequent mowing means more time can be utilised to top up your mulch in the gardens. Mulching not only increases aesthetics, but also helps keep weeds down, helps keep the soil temperature down around plant roots in summer, and also helps retain the moisture the plants need to stay healthy.

Speaking of moisture, the irrigation systems aren’t used as much over Winter. So before the temperature heats up, our teams carry out extensive testing and adjustments on our automated irrigation systems to ensure they’re in top shape to adequately water our turf and gardens when our landscapes need water the most.

If your Commercial Business Park/Estate is in need of a professionally managed landscape maintenance contractor, get in touch with us today.