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Educational Campuses

Reliable, planned & hard-wearing options for institutions.

Our Expertise

Our knowledge of and experience with educational campuses has meant we have been exceeding the needs and wants of schools across Australia since 1991.

We understand that each school’s needs can be as diverse as each of their grounds. By taking advantage of our services you will be able to produce and maintain turf and garden areas that are not only aesthetically-pleasing but are highly functional, even with limited resources.

We offer highly-trained, specialist ground staff with skills in the areas of sporting field and garden maintenance, and even cricket wicket preparation. Let us help you to bring home that win!

Our expert ground staff are supported by our ground managers; they have the skills and experience to run the school grounds for you. Your ground manager will organise all maintenance and changes to the grounds, including sporting field rotations and ground events, whilst also liaising with sporting staff to ensure ease-of-access for all sporting needs.

With over 25 years of working within educational campuses, the knowledge and experience of our managers and site staff is crucial to successfully delivering landscape construction projects safely and on time.

From rejuvenating landscaped areas to designing and creating new outdoor learning spaces, Green Options are your go-to contractor Australia-wide.

We understand that working in high traffic communal areas requires careful planning and the highest safety measures possible. Whether we are creating new playgrounds in the school holidays, or replacing worn paved areas during exam periods, our tradespeople work with minimal disruption to the daily operations of the campus.

We know that our projects are for the enjoyment of the students and staff. Our designers help create functional spaces that provoke imagination and give a sense of tranquillity, a necessity in any learning environment.