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Remote-Control Spider Slope Mower Joins Our Fleet!

Introducing the newest addition to the Green Options fleet, our remote-control Spider Slope Mower.

The Spider is a remote-controlled self-propelled mower that allows for the maintenance of steeply sloping areas such as embankments, roadsides, and hillsides; areas that are otherwise typically maintained by teams of brush-cutter operators or tractor-powered reach mowers, it is a much safer and effective solution.

The spider mower has smaller round wheels, compared to some competitor models, which is much less harsh for the environment as it rolls over slopes, disrupting a lot less of the ground beneath. The biggest advantage of using this remote-controlled mower is removing the operator from the machine while it maneuvers across steep hills and embankments which can be quite dangerous. It is also much quieter than a brush cutter, which is always a welcomed feature.

Spider Mower
Spider Mower